ERC & PPP2 Advisory Intake Form

ERC & PPP2 Advisory Intake Form

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What it is


A form utility to collect the necessary client data to advise on the employee retention credit, and the second round of PPP. It is an unopinionated tool that simply collects the data necessary to advise in a single place. The tool provides you with the necessary data to advise, but does not itself advise.

It's made up of:

  1. A data collection form
  2. An eligibility summary email
  3. Ongoing eligibility updates

Here is a two minute explainer:

Data Collection Form

The easiest way to get your head around the tool is to simply complete the form once, and take a look at the follow-up email.


How it Works

This form can be used in two ways:

  1. As a client-facing form to collect data directly from your clients;
  2. As an internal form to automatically calculate ERC and PPP eligibility.

The form assumes no expertise on the part of the user, and could be paired with instructions for how to pull gross receipts from the accounting system.

The form results are sent to the Delivery Email indicated at the top of the form. Since submissions are associated with these email addresses, we recommend using a single email address to collect all intake data.

01/15/21 Update - An alternative form has now been introduced that makes the follow-up email & name field mandatory. Here's a link to the alternative form:

Advanced Use Cases

The email field can be pre-filled by the email address to the URL you send to your client. Instead of using the link above, you can use a different link with the pre-fill argument as shown below:

If you send a mass email to clients, we recommend picking a single address to pre-fill in this field, so responses are associated with a single email.

Eligibility Email


A couple minutes after the form is submitted, the email indicated on the form will receive a message summarizing the following:

  • The raw form inputs as a CSV attachment
  • PPP eligibility
  • ERC eligibility by quarter

You also have the following options in the footer of the email:

  • Fetch a single CSV of all your submissions - This will send you a single CSV of all submissions associated with this email address, showing raw form inputs, PPP eligibility and quarterly ERC eligibility.
  • Remove a past submission - If a submission is incorrect or outdated, you can remove it yourself so it doesn't appear in future CSV exports.
  • Submit a question/bug/idea - Reach out to the team to communicate ideas or issues.

Ongoing Eligibility Updates

As we all know aspects of this bill are a moving target. It's hard to provide concrete advise now when there are fringe scenarios we are unsure of. As additional rules are issued, any time an update is made to a tool you receive:

  • A summary of the changes, and associated authoritative materials
  • An email with an updated CSV export of all submissions associated with the email address
  • A list of any clients whose eligibility was impacted by the changes

This allows you to begin collecting data now, have the flexibility to advise clients now based on our current understanding of the rules, but also immediately see a list of clients that are impacted by changes as they are rolled out.


How do I begin using this tool for my firm? Simply begin using the public form link (, either internally or externally with your clients. That's all there is to it.

What if I later decide the tool isn't for me? Since you can export all raw form data out of the system in a single CSV, at any time, you can easily migrate your data to a different system.

Why do this now when there are still unknowns? The tool is focused on data collection, rather than advising. While it's difficult to advise now, we can still begin the process of data collection. At any given point in time you have visibility into each client's eligibility, according to our current understanding of the rules.

What if I disagree with your interpretation of the rules? See the current fringe scenarios we've identified, and how the tool is handling them. If you've identified a fringe scenario you don't believe the tool is handling correctly, please provide your feedback via the feedback form. Crowd-sourced expertise is a major advantage of the tool.

Do I need to be a Realize member? What strings are attached? This tool is available for anyone to use, no strings attached. At some point well down the road when we're over the hump, we'll kill the tool so it doesn't continue consuming data processing costs.

How can I brand this for my firm? You can brand the link using a link shortener like Rebrandly. Currently branding on the form itself is only available to Realize members.

I'd like to modify your tool for my own use case. How can I do so? The Airtable and Integromat templates are available to members of Realize to modify, but be aware as soon as you create your own version, it will not receive future updates.

What can I do to support the ongoing development of the tool?

Please continue to provide feedback. The tool is the product of feedback from an array of industry professionals. If you're getting good mileage out of the tool, consider joining the Realize community. Our purpose is to build shared resources like this to support the profession.

How is the data handled? Data is stored in Airtable, and emailed via Integromat. If you are concerned about the security of your client's data, use a Client ID in the Business Name field rather than the actual business name.