Release Notes

Each time the tool is updated, you will receive an email if the eligibility of any of your submissions were impacted. Updates will be issued as changes are made due to user feedback, or new rules being issued.

Known Issues

Looks to be perfect in every way at the moment

1.0.2 Released 01/15/21

Submissions Impacted: 0 - Narrative changes only (not eligibility)


  • If they didn't take PPP1, and they meet the requirements for PPP2, under PPP2 eligibility it will now say:
  • Second PPP: You may be eligible for PPP2, but must spend the entirety of PPP1 prior to 3/31/21 in order to receive it

  • Introduced a second form that makes the secondary contact & email fields mandatory. Link to the new form:

1.0.1 Released 01/12/21

Submissions Impacted: 0

This update did not impact eligibility for any submissions to-date, only narrative aspects of the email.


  • Added two more business start dates options to the form:
    • Between 1/1/20 and 2/14/20
    • After 2/14/20
  • The form now asks for the name and email of the person completing the form. This may be useful in scenarios where the form is being used as a lead magnet, and you may not know the person yet.
  • Before:



  • ERC shutdown eligibility is allowed for all periods regardless of business start date. Technically it was doing this before, but since there wasn't a start date option in 2020, ineligibility was implied.
  • ERC 2021 Q1 & Q2 receipt test eligibility for businesses started in 2020 now supported. Technically this was also supported before, but since there wasn't a start date option in 2020, ineligibility was implied.


  • Now indicates you may be eligible for PPP1 if it hasn't been taken yet.
  • Added to ERC eligibility overview in the email that payments may not be a severance payment, and not be to a related party.

Bug Fixes

  • Q1 2021 can now be eligible if Q4 2020 ineligible, but still a 20% drop. Tool was previously only treating Q1 2021 as eligible if Q4 2020 was both a 20% drop and eligible under 2020 ERC rules.
  • If no PPP1 taken, the "PPP2" label below it wasn't being displayed.

1.0.0 Released 01/07/21

Initial release